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Veda Farming Equipment

Reverse Tiller G45 / G50 / G60

Reverse Tiller: Universal 3 point linkage Cat. 2 & 3 + ASAE 3ª
Tractor linkage swinging arms
Single speed gearbox 1000 rpm PTO
Double Lateral transmission driven by chain in oil bath
Automatic chain tensioner on spring
Front dual metal face seals in oil bath on rotors
2x rotors with central support
Removable flanged rotors
Rotor fitting 6x spade blades per flange
Wearing steel protection counter-flanges
High resistance steel side pannel
Lateral transmission with cardan shaft
Working depth adjustable by crank handles
Rear Double layered filtering screen mounted on lateral springs.Drive shaft with shear bolt torque limiter SB type (1”3/8 Z=6 tractor side yoke)



VED - G50
Reverse Tiller: DG60-600 with Bed Former & Smooth Roller
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G50: Reverse Tiller Bed Former
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G50: Reverse Tiller with Packer Roller
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