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Stone Picker w/vibrating pick up RST

The machine is equipped with a vibrating pick-up permitting to collect stones, the diameter of which can vary from 20 to 600 mm, with no reduction at all in the wear down of the stone collecting components. Stones can be collected in any type of land, both rough and hard, tilled or untilled ground, in open fields or along windrows. The stone picker is hooked to the fixed hitch of tyred or tracked-type tractors and, with no need of extra gear reduction unit, can be operated by means of a clutch-cardan linked to 540 rpm P.T.O. Thanks to a movable grid and a vibrating pick-up, even the smallest quantity of earth is discharged back onto the ground. The four different sizes of grids (20, 30, 55 or 80 mm) can be interchanged according to the requirements. The soil is Ieft nice and tilled, properly freed from stones and ready for agricultural lands to be seeded or for making parks, gardens or playgrounds. The depth of stone collection can be hydraulically controlled by means of the hitch drawbar, and it can vary from 0 to 200 mm, while the working speed varies according to the collection depth, quantity and sizes of stones. The machine has been designed for an optimal stone collection output, with a bigger efficiency for the removal of stones from the ground, without having to face extra costs of labour for manpower; reducing wear and tear costs for farm equipments used in stony soils, as well as those costs for the least maintenance strictly necessary to be carried out on the stone collecting components of the stone picker.

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