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Veda Farming is the result of more than 20 years of technical and logistical experience in the agricultural market.

     Our primary mission is to give farmers great mechanical alternatives to better face the challenges in today's agricultural world. We work very hard to spark interest in new and advanced technologies found in farming equipment. Our main focus is in expanding the role of tractors beyond just a device to pull machines, but as a central mobile power source. Our farming implements are better equipped to leverage and take full advantage of tractors as a power source, reducing overall costs, increasing efficiency, productivity, and lowering operating costs. We cater to all types and sizes of agricultural operations. 

     On you will find our growing catalog of farm implements. We hope you will see our catalog as a starting point to get to know our products. Feel free to explore our assortment of farming implements, and feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns. We are always ready to take your calls and we are thrilled to be able to demo any of our products for you.

     Veda Farming's service goes well beyond the sale. We continue to interact with our customers in order to always improve our product based on their feedback. Our customers benefit from the field experience of thousands of working farmers on 3 continents.

     We aim to satisfy the majority of needs required by farmers today; always offering reasonable prices and optimal quality accompanied by impeccable service.
With our formula, farmers are guaranteed:
•    Less Fuel Consumption
•    Less Passes 
•    Less Compaction 
•    Less Power Requirements 
•    Lower horsepower for equal performance
•    Less Pollution

•    Less Maintenance Costs 

Organic Farming has always been a strong focus for us; as it is a lifestyle we live by in our personal lives, and a farming practice that is more harmonious with our planet. Our machines can help you combat many of the obstacles that accompany organic farming, including ground prep, weed control, plastic management, harvesting, and much more. As mentioned before the use of our machines increase productivity and quality while reducing passes, compaction, fuel cost, and much more. For example, one of our most popular machines which encompasses this whole idea is our Reverse Tiller. With just ONE pass you are able to do the following:
•    Prep Land
•    Make Beds
•    Put Fertilizer
•    Place Drip Tape/Deep Drip Tape
•    Place Plastic (biodegradable)

We realize that Agricultural Hemp is somewhat of the new kid on the block within the agricultural sector. With a new crop comes new challenges and ideas of operation. Veda Farming is here to provide solutions with hemp farming equipment. We carry machines for transplanting hemp, weeding, and much more. Give us a call and we can help turn your mechanization dreams into reality. 

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