Reverse Tillers & Bed Formers

 A Veda Farming reverse tiller (aka “Stones Burier”) churns and turns hard clods, stones and crop debris to a bottom layer. Then, the unique vibrating grid separates and transforms course soil into a finer grain that is layered on top, ready for planting vegetables. All Veda Farming Reverse Tiller models, from 5.5 ft. to 20 ft widths (and up to a 10 inch depth), can be used alone or with a variety of bed formers and rollers.

Reverse Tiller: G35

Hp 60-65-70-75-80

Triple Bed Former

Hp 180- 220-250-260-400

Reverse Tiller: G45 / G50 / G60

Hp 140-180-200-220-250-400

Bed Former: Douplex

Hp 60-110

Foldable Reverse Tiller: DG45 / DG60

Hp 180-280-250-400

Bed Former: B1

Hp 60-65-80-90

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