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Lateral Ditcher

This machine can transplant vegetables stored in trays of different sizes, just one person is needed to feed the transplanter robots.

The Lateral Ditcher allows for the digging or maintenance of channels externally to the tractor profile. This special extension visibly facilitates the operator during difficult and particular situations (banks at different levels and close to roads, or near fields with friable edges) otherwise not practicable with a standard frame of a normal ditcher.

The arm length is fixed and it is calculated from the path of the tractor’s center line to the central axis of the ditch, the length varies from a minimum of 62 in to a maximum of 78 in, according to the customer’s preference.

For road transport, the side arm can be easily folded up and make the ditcher perfectly retracted into the tractor shape, in a perpendicular position respect to the road.

Lateral Ditcher





COSMECO - Scavafossi bilaterale NEW - Bilaterale Ditcher NEW


1,232 lb
Rotor RPM
Wheel Lead Angle
30 degrees

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