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Portable Hydraulic Hose Crimper

Portable hydraulic hose crimper for fast repairs and modifications on the go. Available with both manual and hydraulic pumps.

The revolutionary Portable Hydro-Pneumatic Clincher of Meccanica Italiana®
Powered with Delayed Sync 3BNewPress©
The heavy weights and reduced handling of traditional High Power Staplers are historically an insurmountable constraint that severely affected the speed and cost of repairs on the pipes, forcing engineers to work in Workshop, by removing the part to be repaired from its original housing.
The Patented Technology Delayed Sync 3BNewPress© di Meccanica Italiana® makes this scenario somewhat obsolete.

Powered by a single tube, connected to a common hydropneumatic pump the clincher 3BNewPress©is capable of developing on its eight independent pistons a 104 tons with 500 bar power, in just 23 Kg.weight. Freely adjustable, it can be introduced in spaces other staplers can't reach, allowing interventions directly on the machine. Even on the ground, even in the absence of electric power or compressed air sources, the clincher is able to develop, with a hand pump, all its power.

Inserts for Hydraulic Hoses
The vast array of accessories for products 3BNewPress© covers the most varied requirements.
Meccanica Italiana® provides with Hydro-Pneumatic Stapler GIP500© a series of inserts tested on all standard hydraulic tubes, from 1/4 " to 1 " .

Portable Hydraulic Hose Crimper





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