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TBP: Shredders

The TBP can work from a 90 degree to -65 degree angle. It is perfect on hedges and ditches and anything in between. Side shift-able as well

This multi-purpose and sturdy mulcher is “side-shiftable” using a parallelogram arm that makes it ideal for maintaining roadsides, lawns, parks and gardens. Being able to move this mulcher beyond the lane edge allows you to shred grass, bushes and wood in a tilted position, often needed with embankments and ditches.
When positioned vertically, you can also cut hedges.
The TBP 190 mounts to the tree-point linkage of the hydraulic rear lift of the tractor and has a working width of 6.25 ft. In working position, a roller is used to adjust the height and it uses a free wheel and toothed belts transmission to ensure higher reliability and safety over time.
The rotor has interchangeable knives in various sizes and shapes that can be configured to adapt to different debris requirements and there is an easy-access door to get under the hood for maintenance.

TBP: Shredders





Shredder: TBE
Shredder: TBE
Shredder: TBE

TBP 190

1,650 lb
Rotor RPM
Working Width
75 in

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