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Weed control and sterilization with optional Power Harrow

The Flame Weeder applies heat to the seedbed surface without moving the soil (to avoid bringing further vital weed seeds to the surface), to eliminate weeds and weed seeds on surface prior to sowing.

It can also be used after harvest. The heat treatment is applied to accelerate the desiccation of crop green residue and reduce pathogens.
Destruction of Residues
(twigs, cladophylls, harvesting rejects, crop defoliation) with job done after product harvesting. This operation permits cancelling or considerably reducing the inoculation source for some of the most dangerous fungi diseases and reducing the presence of insects.

The Flame Weeder can be combined with a Power Harrow. This can be used to refresh previously sown raised beds. IT improves the heat treatment on the surface, limits tillage depth, loosens the soil and prepares the harvested raised beds for further sowing. Conventional tillage operations can be skipped between successive crop cycles.
Land Surface Sterilization
For this purpose flaming machines are used together with Power Harrow before sowing. The machines are available in different widths to adapt to various work requirements and require a low-power tractor.
Work speed varies between 2 and 3 km/h and depends on the effect to be achieved.






Flame Weeder with Power Harrow Combo
PTRL 1600 150 Disinfezione e preparazione del terreno

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