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ROTOSARK: Inter Row Cultivator

Weed and aerate close to plants without damage to roots or leaves. Perfect for organic farming.

Our Rotosark weeding machine is not a common cultivator, because it incorporates 3 machines in one:
• mechanical row crop cultivator;
• crust breaker for all soil;
• ridger.
With our Rotoblizz / Rotovert special rotors, we act directly near the row, without damaging the root and foliar system, uprooting the germination and the weeds thus reducing the chemical herbicides application or need.
• Decreases the application of chemical herbicides;
• As Crust breaker and improves absorption of nighttime humidity;
• Earths up with soil for more support to the plant;
Original and unique:
• Reliable, for precision and durability;
• Multi-purpose, as it incorporates 3 machines in one;
• Revolutionary, as it operates between plants and between rows;
• Flexible, because easily adjustable with just one tool;
• Singular, inimitable, with an international patent;
• Practical, because it is easy to use;
• Customizable for all types of soil and cultivation;
• Economic because it reduces working time and contains the costs of weeding.

ROTOSARK: Inter Row Cultivator





Rotosark on Bed of Strawberry.
Rotosark: Rotovert Weeding
Rotosark: Rotovert
Rotosark: Inter-Row Weeder

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