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Reverse Tillers & Bed Formers 

 Take an old bed from post-harvest to plant-ready in one pass with Veda Farming’s Reverse Tiller — advanced farming technology designed to improve the soil preparation process. When combined with ripper and bed forming attachments (even Deep Drip Tape and Fertilizer), you'll save fuel, reduce passes and improve field results with less power requirements.  









A Veda Farming reverse tiller (aka “Stones Burier”) churns and turns hard clods, stones and crop debris to a bottom layer. Then, the unique vibrating grid separates and transforms course soil into a finer grain that is layered on top, ready for planting vegetables. All Veda Farming Reverse Tiller models, from 5.5 ft. to 20 ft widths (and up to a 10 inch depth), can be used alone or with a variety of bed formers and rollers.

     Stones Burier models create soft or compact beds which remain flat and solid even without a roller. They deliver superior results on land that has never been worked or in fields worked with a minimum tillage system. The Stones Burier is a versatile workhorse that, when combined with a Veda Farming hydraulic roller or bed former can transform a bed row into a seed-ready ecosystem with perfect beds of precision uniformity, the correct density, compaction and desired shape, every time.

     The Stones Burier works well in dryer conditions and is used widely in baby leaf cultivationswhere mechanical harvesting systems are used. Its superior capacity to bury crop residues underground means soil preparation can begin immediately at the end of the season. These heavy duty reverse tillers are ideal for creating either compact beds that are resistant to the rain (excellent for cultivations in open fields), or flat and soft beds in greenhouses.

     For wide fields, just add the heavy-duty support frame to realize a 30% cost reduction in field preparation. With 3 mounted Stones Burier Machines on one frame, only one tractor is needed instead of three tractors for the same type of work. 6ft-36ft working widths make this a very versatile machine.


G45 / G50 / G60

Triple Bed Former

This machine is composed of 3 single bed formers, comes with a power rollers.


The Douplex Bed Former is a perfect for reshaping beds, in wet conditions, this machine works in two steps.


B1 are adjustable both in height and width, this characteristic gives the operator the chance to create customized beds of different dimensions,

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