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Rotary Plow

The Freeland rotary plow is ideal for extremely wet conditions. It mixes organic matter into highly wet or dry soil better than any other conventional plow while increasing oxygenation, seeding germination, improving drainage, and eliminating hardpan. Using a rear PTO, you’ll experience more traction and pull up to 33% faster in any field condition.

The Freeland Rotary Plow is extremely rugged and comes standard with a hydraulic lid or “bonnet” that keeps maintenance fast and easy. Organic farmers are especially interested in minimizing the use of herbicides and understand the importance of properly mixing organic materials into the farmland to replenish nutrients and restore soil quality. Veda Farming’s Freeland Rotary Plow properly mixes trash and organic material into the land while minimizing the loss of organic matter from leaching, runoff or erosion.

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