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Veda Farming Equipment


Throughout this section of our farming equipment catalog you will find a variety of shredders that fulfill all types of agricultural needs. From small heavy duty pickup shredders, variable angle shredders, and large 20 ft shredders, there is something for all sorts of operations. 


The BC is one of the most popular heavy duty shredders found in our catalog. The optional transport kit makes it easy to transport from one ranch to the next. 


The BNU is smaller and more flexible, making it equally effective in orchards or in open field cultivations.


 Is a multi-purpose mulcher, perfect for a larger farm’s open field cultivation.


This is the heaviest-duty RM model and is perfect for larger operations.


The BK Series of multipurpose shredders has a broad range of options and is ideal for green space maintenance.


This tractor mounted shredder uses a pick-up device that collects pruning residues by lifting and carrying them into the mulching chamber to be shredder.


This pick up shredder mulches material and then deposits it into a rear bag. Perfect for pruning residue. 


TRP PRO REV mulchers are provided with an hydraulic pick-up for lifting the pruning remains, with an internal mulching chamber without any contact with the ground.


The TBP can work from a 90 degree to -65 degree angle. It is perfect on hedges and ditches and anything in between. Side shift-able as well


Perfect for orchards and vineyards, the SDS expels mulches material laterally through a rotating augur. Allowing for beneficial use of organic material.


Available with a hydraulic offset, the dependable, BKE Super mulcher handles variable slope conditions with ease and is perfect for shredding grass, wood stalks, bushes, and vines.


This series of mulchers may be used either for full-feld cultivation, on corn and straw, as well as for shredding grass and even thick pruning residues.