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This is our new automatic (inter row and inter plant) weeder.

This highly advanced machine is the result of years of experience in the field. What sets this machine apart is its ability to remove weeds in between rows as well as in between plants on the same row. In one single pass the machine scans for weeds along the width of its frame while traveling forward. Hydraulic pistons allow the floating frame to shift left and right. The machine is customizable to any number of rows on a bed, every row gets its own unit.

These units are each equipped with an infrared optical bar to detect weeds as well as with a set of hydraulic arms which control the blades.

These blades are highly precise and can cut as close as 1 cm from the plant. They also have an adjustable height feature which can be controlled by the operator.

By using a simple touch screen device, the operator can oversee the machines work as well as adjust its working parameters. This weeder greatly reduced labor costs as well as chemical usage, making it ideal for organic farming.

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