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Five Benefits of Owning a Power Harrow

Veda Farming Power Harrows are one of our most popular machines. We like to say these pay for themselves. The use of these machines decreased the number of passes and HP needed, which in turn reduced overall time and cost. Additional benefits include preservation of healthy soil as well as lowered environmental impact.

Here are our TOP 5 benefits of purchasing a Power Harrow:

1. Fine Soil Preparation

The Power Harrow has vertically rotating blades (think blender) that allow for the easy breakdown of hard and large clods. This powerful motion allows soil preparation to be obtained much more efficiently and with a lot less passes.

2. Strong Leveling Effect

This machine comes equipped with a hydraulic leveling bar that helps keep ground leveled and smooth. The bar helps distribute soil along uneven ground, and maintain the work done by laser leveling. Uneven distribution of soil (usually caused by disk use) is prevented.

3. Prevention of Hardpan

Due to the vertical action of blades, hardpan is unable to form. With the use of the power harrow deeper soil is never compressed or compacted like it would be in a conventional tillage situation.

4. Low Power Requirement

You can calculate about 10-13 HP per foot of machine. So, a 13 ft power harrow requires about 130 hp. The work is done through the PTO, that’s where the power comes from. No need to spend money on exaggerated amounts of HP and heavy tractors.

5. Minimum Maintenance

All moving parts are in a sealed grease bath, no need for extensive checkups or replacement. The only wearing parts are blades, which can be replaced in minutes. This is a heavy-duty machine that will last a lifetime.


Learn more about our Power Harrows Here! Don't forget, these can be equipped with a variety of accessories including: bed former, seeder, and ripper to get the most out of your pass! Models available from 4 to 23 ft.

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