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Symbiotic History of Italian and American Agriculture

Like much of the world, Italians have always viewed the USA as the land of dreams and possibilities. The never ending Italian restaurants and Italian last names we see throughout the United States speaks loudly to these dreams. Farmers with Italian heritage are plentiful throughout the Salinas Valley and beyond; their roots as deep as those of the vegetables they grow. While Italian Farmers have been working American land for quite some time, for Italian farm equipment it’s just beginning. The same creativity, passion, and quality you find in Italian food, fashion, cars, and culture is found even more prominently in their agricultural implements.

We can give Italians credit for their creativity and imagination, but when it comes to the boom of mechanization throughout the agricultural industry, the United States lent a big hand. After World War II American soldiers came home, but left behind all their military vehicles, as they often do after battle. Italy was not in a good place at the time, and people had to find a way to reinvent their lives and careers. And so began the modification of these vehicles (dodge trucks, jeep trucks, International TD crawlers) into agricultural use. Many started studying and working on all these machines and vehicles; little by little creating masterpieces of their own. One great example, Ferruccio Lamborghini. Yes that's right, Lamborghini was making tractors way before cars. See! I told you, Italian creativity is in all sectors.

The main factor here was working with what was available. This is where the large differentiation began between European and American agriculture. Americans pull, Europeans push. Americans put their energy into creating larger tractors, Europeans put their energy into creating implements that do more with less. Most of Veda Farming’s products are PTO powered. This is because we deeply believe in the idea of using the tractor's power to power the implement, which in turn facilitates the tractors pulling ability. Another “more with less” idea is reducing the number of passes required. We have machines that can work the land, make a bed, and place drip tape in just one pass. This is the creativity and efficiency Veda Farming aims to bring to the states. Lowering your HP requirement and reducing the number of passes has a direct effect into the cost and efficacy of your operation. Reducing passes and HP reduce: fuel cost, labor cost, and compaction.

Veda Farming is proud to represent European agricultural innovations in the United States market. We believe the combination of Italian creativity and American diligence is the perfect formula for the growth and evolution of agriculture within the USA.

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