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Veda Farming Equipment

Ripper Spider 


The subsoiler "SPIDER" was designed and built to meet the requirements of heavy and intense use.The characteristics of the steel used and the particular structure with bolted joints make the SPIDER suitable for all working conditions. Each shank features a shear bolt safety device and a quick-release tip, and can be equipped with the appropriate winged points. Tips are made with wear resistant steel and they are easily replaceable thanks to a quick-assembly system. The position and distance of the shanks is customizable and can be easily changed to best fit the needs of the most demanding users. The presence of abundant crop residues is not problematic, since the considerable height from the ground and the distance between the rows of shanks ensure the free flow of the soil even while deep working. Therefore, undesired accumulations between the anchors and the structure are avoided, allowing an optimal mixture of the soil.


The subsoiler "SPIDER Stone System" represents the latest concept of hydraulic subsoiler for stony soils. The special shank shape ensures an optimal release and movement in case of impact: the shank is quickly guided outside the soil. Special elastic steels enables also lateral movement: The STONE SYSTEM is able to absorb all the stresses and to ensure reliability and durability.  The hydraulic circuit is state-of-the-art, with a oversized battery formed by small accumulators of high-pressure nitrogen. These accumulators have the task of storing, in the shortest possible time, the energy produced by the collision with the stones and apply it, once the obstacle is overcome, to resume its operating position. The pressure of the hydraulic system can be adjusted to adapt to different working conditions.

SPIDER: Ripper with Double Spiked Roller
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