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Veda Farming Equipment

Transplater FX Evolution S

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This transpanter has a rotary carousel best for planting vegetables in cylindrical, conical, and pyramidal plugs. Its lowest achievable row distance is 25 cm, which allows for high density plants such as lettuce, broccoli, and fennel to be easily transplanted. Its parallel linkage floats on the ground making it easy to plant evenly and precisely even in difficult ground conditions. Like many of our other transplanters this machine can work on both raised beds and flat ground. Its transplanter carousel turns in a clockmotion (STOP & GO), guaranteeing a consistent drop of plants from carousel to shoe. This ensures precision of plant depth and distance within the row, as well as increased performance per hour (up to 5,000 plants per hour per row). To prevent accumulation of dirt this machine is equipped with a self-cleaning kicker in the ploughshare. This machine is available in a self propelled version. This guarantees easy maneuverability, reduction of dead time, and no need for a tractor. Optionals include: rubber rollers with adjustable pressure, plant spacing control, granular applicator, fertilizer applicator, water applicator, tank, front hydraulic or electronic steering arms, data memory, pack wheel pressure with hydraulic adjustment, plant depth with electric adjustment, front disk to open ground, and back forks for loading and completed pallets.