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Veda Farming Equipment

Triple Bed Former 

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This machine is composed of 3 single bed formers.

Comes with a power roller and is completely foldable for easy transportation.

  • Universal 3 point linkage Cat. 2 & 3

  • Tractor linkage swinging arms

  • Single speed gearbox 1000 rpm PTO

  • Central standard cardan shaft  (1”3/8 Z=6 tractor side yoke)

  • Lateral cardan shaft with automatic torque limiter SC type

  • Central machine joint with automatic limiter SC

  • Pair of front adjustable lateral discs adjustable in width and height Ø 460 mm

  • Pair of middle ploughshares adjustable in height and width

  • Swinging and side adjustable machines supports

  • Bases and joints for machines linkage

  • Pair of supporting rear wheels for central machine

  • Hydraulic system for opening and refolding

  • Hydraulic locking system for transport position
    225 cm wide during transport

  • Rear lights bar

VED - Triple Bed Former
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