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Veda Farming Equipment


Veda Farming’s multi-row tillers is a next generation rotary cultivator that delivers the ultimate in versatility for working between crop rows without damaging growing produce. It works at higher speeds than other multi-row rototillers to eliminate more weeds in less time, while reducing herbicide use. Veda Farming’s multi-rototiller works in very narrow spaces with exceptionally high precision. For example, lettuce and other vegetables often have only 12 inches of space between rows. The complete destruction of weeds in such a narrow space without damaging the crop is essential (especially for organic farmers) and much easier with Veda Farming’s multi-rototiller. A higher level of precision can be achieved using an extra seat that is positioned in the back for an additional operator to help control the placement of blades between crop rows. Using a rear PTO and 3-point hitch, add a furrow opener, fertilizer, or cultivator implement to increase efficiency on every pass across your field. The exceptional resistance of the cast steel chain boxes (with side window for inspection) makes working in the most challenging conditions (heavy, stony, and clay laden soils) easy and fast. Blades and bolts are highly resistant to wear and tear, for longer life. The ultra-strong frame is so sturdy that it can handle machine widths up to 20 feet without losing strength or resistance.

VED - Multirototillers
Ceres: Multi-Rototiller on Strawberry Bed
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TITANO: Multi-Rototiller
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MSn Ceres 9SSS+4:  Multi-Rototiller
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