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Veda Farming Equipment

BioAgri Weeder

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Model of inter-row machine for mechanical weeding control. This implement consists of a rotating shaft positioned parallel to the ground when working, and many flexible nylon filaments that, thanks to the centrifugal force, can intercept the grass and perform the cut. The filaments are designed to allow the cutting of grass without damaging the the plants. It guarantees efficient cutting for long working periods, thanks to the adjustment system with patent of the outer length of the flexible filaments.

Adjustable protection cover protects from waists projected during the cutting. Operation of adjustment and use is very simple and easy. Designed in two versions, the first one works through a frame attached to the lift of the tractor and uses the distributors of the tractor to operate the hydraulic motor of the headstock and the cylinders for the movements. The other version is a frame equipped with an independent hydraulic system, with oil tank, gearbox, pump and heat exchanger; all these accessories work in fully independent way. Both versions can be attached on the rear and front side of the tractor and can be equipped with electro-hydraulic, manual distributors, or hydraulic cylinders for movement.

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