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Veda Farming’s RM 450 shredder is a multi-purpose mulcher, perfect for a larger farm’s open field cultivation, (e.g. straw, cotton, rice, corn, beet, cauliflower or tomatoes) and any operation with a large amount of post-harvest debris. The RM series delivers a uniform result and requires less power to pull its solid 14.75 ft –wide unit. Its one-piece construction with 108 blades shreds debris uniformly leaving no uncut center section.

The 8-row rotor has 104 removable and interchangeable blades of different sizes and shapes to adapt to all types of crop waste. The rotor’s larger diameter increases knife speed with more balance and requires less power to get the job done faster.

All Veda Farming RM Shredders mount to the three-point linkage of the hydraulic lift of the tractor. The main body is supported by steering wheels that control the working height.

There is an easy-access door to get under the hood for maintenance and the RM 450 has less vibration for a longer service life. Veda Farming’s RM Shredders are available with a lengthways road transportation kit that is quick and easy to load without using a cart. Optional spreader vanes are available to spread the chopped product together and an optional safety and protection kit is also available.

RM-S 560: Shredder
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