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Shredders RMS

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Veda Farming’s RM-S multi-purpose mulcher is the heaviest-duty RM model and is perfect for larger farms that have a lot of post-harvest debris like straw, maize stalks, sorghum beet leaves, potato leaves, grass, cotton, sunflower stubbles and rice straw.

The RM-S 560’s triple blade action “makes a meal” of agricultural debris with 192 bladesconfigured in 64 sets of three blades for an incredibly fine cut.

Veda Farming’s RM S 560 mounts to the three point linkage of the hydraulic lift of a tractor with a width of 18 feet. Supported by castor wheels for adjusting height, the RM S has an optional open hood, flaps to spread the chopped product, and a security protection and road transportation kit.

Nobili - RMS 560
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