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Shredders BK

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Veda Farming’s BK Series of multipurpose mulchers has a broad range of options and is ideal for green space maintenance. These sturdy, dependable mulchers shred grass, leaves, and vegetable residue between rows or across the whole field. Available with a hydraulic offset, the BK is so multi-functional it can go from grassy meadows to parks and gardens with variable slope conditions. Smaller farms use the BK to convert post-harvest debris like straw, corn, rice, sunflowers and even pineapple into beneficial mulch.

All models are tractor-mounted to the three-point linkage of the tractor lift. With lower power requirements, you select the tractor for the job, from 60 HP -82 HP. All BK models have a wide selection of interchangeable knives with various sizes and shapes that can be configured to adapt to different debris requirements.

The BK Series uses a free wheel and toothed belts transmission to ensure higher reliability and safety over time. And, with a larger size rotor, this longer lasting implement increases knife speed so you’ll create more shredded product per pass. Every component has been manufactured to last. With reinforced wear and tear guards and working skids, Veda Farming’s BK series will save time and fuel for years to come. All BK models come standard with a rear hinged hood, and safety and protection devices. Working height is controlled by wheels, roller or skids. Road transportation is easy with reduced overall dimensions (no cart required) and the largest BK model (BK 320) comes standard with an extra wheel and supports.

Veda - Shredder BK