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Shredders SDS

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Perfect for orchards and vineyards, the SDS Series uses a patented innovation to help keep trees healthy with just one pass of this multifunctional mulcher. The SDS works with a horizontal-shaft rotor that mulches grass and shoots between vine rows and then discharges beneficial organic materials on both sides into symmetrical windrows. With just one pass, mulch is channeled evenly under vines or trees with a width of 30-40 cm, depending on tractor speed and the height of the grass or other cultivation. UNACOMA, the Italian Farm Machinery Manufacturers Assn., named the SDS a 2008 Technical Innovation for its ability to handle both weed removal and mulching. The award winning system reduces the need for herbicides and fertilizing treatments, preserves moisture, reduces water runoff and increases humidity near tree roots. The SDS is also available as a one-sided delivery system when the grassy area is wider than the mulcher’s working width.

The SDS series is tractor-mounted to the three-point linkage of the rear tractor lift. After cutting and chopping grass and shoots between vine rows, organic material is channeled to a hopper at the back of the machine where two coaxial augers with spirals (moving in opposite directions) transfer chopped materials to both sides of the machine. Double spiral versions have a fixed central linkage whereas single spiral versions have a hydraulic offset linkage that directs the mulch evenly under trees and vines. Rollers or wheels are used to adjust the working height and the speed of the augers can be regulated to keep the thickness of the mulch constant. Working widths from 5-7 feet are also available with an independent hydraulic system.

VED - Shredder SDS
SDS 180: Bi-Lateral Discharge Shredder
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SDS-150: Unilateral Discharge Shredder on Baby Leaf
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SDS 180: Bilateral Discharge Shredder in Sweet Potato
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SDS-180: Bilateral Discharge Shredder on Artichoke
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