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Shredders TRP

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This tractor mounted shredder uses a pick-up device that collects pruning residues by lifting and carrying them into the mulching chamber to be shredder and then dispersed on the ground through calibrated holes of the frame. Its extra sturdy structure makes the TRP great for working on uneven and stony ground. Hammers ensure a neat cut while high RPMS allows for fast working speeds.

The shredder can be equipped with steering rear wheels or roller with removable bottoms and is a mounted machine that fits on the three-point linkage of the rear hydraulic lift of a tractor. When working it is supported by steering wheels or by the roller.

The 8 row rotor with hammers ensures a more even rotation, less vibration, and low power requirement. While the double output gearbox with built in overrunning clutch ensures sturdiness and reliability. Also available with hydraulic pick-up.

TRP: Heavy Duty Pick-Up Shredder
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